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Start on your journey toward better mental health.

Your Journey to Better Health Considers the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

If you suffer from mild depression, anxiety, fatigue, work-related stress, or relationship issues, mental health counseling services are one of several tools that will assist you in feeling better.  

Our clinic is ideally suited to provide short-term treatment (typically no more than 10 sessions). Appointments are generally scheduled every week. During your appointment, you will have an advanced-level student meet you who is working under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional. You will have a team of practitioners learn about your history, combining their wisdom and cutting-edge knowledge to create a care plan for optimal health.

We refer to outside services or providers when appropriate. Team Care visits are offered April - September. Private practice visits are offered year-round. 

Virtual and in-person appointments are available. The price for counseling appointments is $25 per visit.  

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Required Counseling Forms

The counseling department would like to get to know you before your first visit. After you’ve scheduled your first visit, fill out these counseling intake forms and send them to You may also bring your forms with you to your first visit. 

Counseling Intake Forms


Please sign and read this form.  

Informed Consent – Telehealth and In-Person Visits