Physical Medicine

Physical medicine is a safe, non-pharmaceutical option for those hoping for pain relief.

If you are suffering from more structural health conditions such as muscle strains, arthritis, and other types of pain, your naturopathic medical team may suggest physical medicine as part of your treatment plan. You can experience improved well-being, a faster recovery from injury, and often a strengthened immune system! 

Initial physical medicine appointments last one hour, and follow-up office calls range from 30 minutes to one hour. When you become a patient in one of our physical medicine shifts, you will feel heard, understood, and well cared for. 

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Physical Medicine Treatments

Therapeutic ultrasound: Ultrasonic therapy to promote recovery, especially in musculotendinous injuries 

Interferential: Low-frequency electrical stimulation that can be helpful for pain management 

Cold laser therapy: Therapeutic/functional exercise recommendations 


Manipulation: A safe and effective technique to realign the body’s skeletal system 

Muscle energy stretching: This stretching technique helps retrain hypertonic muscles 

Trigger point therapy; a soft-tissue treatment that helps release tense, painful knots in your muscles and fascia (web of connective tissue). 

Kinesio taping: Therapeutic elastic taping can help retrain and support the body while allowing the body to continue to move freely (whereas conventional athletic taping is rigid and restrictive) 

Additional modalities: Craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, reciprocal inhibition technique, and gua sha. 

Constitutional hydrotherapy: An older method of stimulating the body’s vital force and the immune system. 

Additional therapies: Hyperthermia and peat baths, contrast hydrotherapy, infrared dry sauna.