Sarah Jeffrey

ND, MBA, First-Year Resident

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Sarah Jeffrey ND, MBA, First-Year Resident

Naturopathic Medicine

San Diego


Team Care

Dr. Jeffrey is a first year resident and clinic supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic.


Prior to studying naturopathic medicine, Dr. Jeffrey worked in healthcare strategic planning and project management. She brings these skills into her approach to patient care as she helps patients set manageable goals and figure out how to implement new health behaviors. She is a general practitioner and enjoys treating all types of conditions. Her goal is to help people feel well so that they can truly enjoy their lives. To do this, she works with mindfulness techniques, nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and other modalities. In her free time, Dr. Jeffrey enjoys cooking and spending time in nature.

Healing Philosophy: I believe that our daily habits are one of the biggest influences in our health and that even making small changes can bring about profound shifts in vitality. I like to empower patients to take charge of their own health and wellness while serving as their advocate and trusted guide.

What goals do you have for your patients? My goal is for my patients to leave each visit with a deeper understanding of their own health. I will take the time to explain to a patient what is going on and why I think my treatment plan will help them. I believe that when patients understand what is happening with their health, it lets them take charge of their own healing. Through working with me, I hope that my patients find a greater sense of vitality, fulfillment and wellness in their lives.

·         Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University

·         MBA in Healthcare Management from the University of Connecticut

·         BA in Neuropsychology from Wesleyan University

·         Stress management

·         Mental Health

·         Diabetes and blood sugar regulation

·         Gastrointestinal Health

·         Botanical Medicine