Men's Health

Whether it be hormone balancing, sexual dysfunction, or prostate health, our naturopathic care teams are here to support the unique needs of men and their health at all stages of life.

Men often get left out of the conversations regarding hormone health.  We can all acknowledge that shifts occur with age, some for the better, others not so much.  Life stressors, lack of sleep, exercise and dietary habits certainly play a role in whether you are living your best life...but so do hormones like thyroid, cortisol and testosterone.   

Optimize your health with Bastyr by exploring ways to enhance your health. We’ll work with you on strategies to boost cardiac and prostate health, support higher energy levels, and improve sexual drive. This may include treatment with herbs and supplements, hormone replacement, diet and lifestyle or prescriptions when warranted.

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How We Can Help

Our team of providers are here to help get the whole you working optimally – whether that is catching up on screening exams and a physical, to digestive, prostate, heart or hormonal concerns – we'll help you achieve the health goals that matter to you. 

Using conventional and functional medicine testing when necessary, nutrition, exercise, stress management, natural medicines and hormone replacement appropriately our team has you covered! 

Nutrition is paramount for healthy aging, minimizing cardiovascular and diabetes health and even hormonal and fertility health.  Our team will work with you to explore your good habits and maybe not-so-good habits to help you manage current concerns and prevent future illness.  

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help with musculoskeletal, prostate, digestive and hormonal concerns to name a few.  Our team can help you address current health concerns and help prevent future illness.