Hormone Imbalance

Natural medicine can help balance your hormones through many therapeutic, non-invasive means.

Balance your Hormones Naturally

The more we learn about hormones in medicine, the more important they seem to become.  As the messengers of the body, hormones manage our digestion, our moods, our energy and our aging processes. 

Whether fatigue and body changes are your concern, or thyroid, menstrual symptoms and menopause  – we're here to give you some solutions based on your unique health picture. Hormone balancing is key to our overall sense of health and happiness and we're here to help your hormones achieve harmony.

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How We Can Help

Get a new perspective on your hormones – whether it’s a more holistic picture of thyroid symptoms, women’s health concerns regarding your cycle or menopausal symptoms or if you are stressed and starting to see the ‘cortisol belly’ -- it’s time to see how stress management, nutrition, sleep, herbs and supplements can help resolve and prevent hormone imbalances for a stronger, happier you. 

Our teams will look at what is happening ‘functionally’ for you – whether thru clinical symptoms, expanded testing or conventional testing to help you find balance for better energy, mood, cycles and longevity. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine is about balance to its core.  Acupuncture can help balance all your systems, clearing blockages in Qi (Energy) for hormones and the systems they affect – brain, digestion and female hormones to name a few.  Chinese herbal medicine can also be a part of your plan to achieve your best self once again.