Weiyi Ding

MD (China), MS, RN, LAc

Weiyi Ding



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Team Care

Dr. Ding provides team care in the Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine department. 


Dr. Ding has been teaching and practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for over 40 years. She provides a Western-style medical assessment in combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis. She uses a holistic approach, treating with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and dietary suggestions.

Dr. Ding has practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbs combined with Western Medicine since 1976. She taught TCM Fundamentals and TCM Diagnosis from 1980-1989 at Shanghai University of TCM and was also a general Internist at attached Hospitals of Shanghai University of TCM. She also worked as a registered nurse in neurosurgery and organ transplantation for eight years.

Dr. Ding uses a holistic approach, treating with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary suggestions. Safe and effective treatments are the best medicine for every individual patient.

  • MD and MS, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MD and MS, 1976 and 1986)
  • RN Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1993)

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatments have been helped lots of patients with different conditions and diseases. Dr. Ding's clinical interests include pain management and stress relief, internal medicine disorders, autoimmune disorders, gynecological disorders, infertility and cancer adjuvant treatment.