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John Aguilar



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Dr. Aguilar is a Clinical Supervisor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health (BCNH), as well as the Columbia City off-site clinic, where he supervises and guides acupuncture students in patient care and education. He is also Adjunct Faculty, for example, teaching courses to doctoral students on the foundational medical classic, Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic. He also sees patients in private practice at BCNH.


"I apply ancient, time-proven theories of health and suffering to aid patients in leading deeply rewarding lives. Treating symptoms is the lowest level of medical care and though I am skilled at this, and often find the need to start here, my medicine truly flourishes - and subsequently the patient's experience - when we move to preventative care and eventually to fulfilling their life's purpose."

Dr. Aguilar has an unusual passion for classical Chinese medical care. For instance, he is actively pursuing a PhD in Classical Chinese literature at the University of Washington as means of directly and professionally engaging the peerless evidence base of Chinese medicine. This focus on Classical Chinese medicine manifests as a truly holistic, patient-centered approach to medicine. In this, understanding the patient's day-to-day activities - physical, cognitive, and emotional - are pivotal in effecting care and guiding the patient to lead deeply fulfilling lives. His medicine reflects his personal live which is brilliantly rich with challenge, joy, and inner contentment.

  • BA Chinese Studies, University of Washington
  • MA Chinese Studies, University of Washington
  • MS Traditional Chinese Medicine, Colorado School of TCM
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
  • Holistic, non-disease-focused care
  • Life-centered patient education
  • Chronic, recalcitrant diseases of many sorts